Indie HYPE: Children of Morta

The Pitch: Charming pixel art and a large cast of family characters against the backdrop of an unknown evil

Current State: In Production

Links: Homepage, Kickstarter (closed but with good info)


When I first saw that Children of Morta had raised more than $100k on Kickstarter I had to admit I was staggered. I know games cost a lot to make, but it is still an impressive sum. As I've gotten to know the game better I can see that it will be worth every penny.

First of all, Children of Morta sports a small stable of playable characters with varying abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Coupling this with procedurally generated levels is bound to make for a ton of depth, and probably some pretty good replay value. Each character is a member of the Bergson family - and even some of the non-playable members chip in to help the cause. As I've read the backstories on the Kickstarter page and watched the trailer I find myself more and more interested to know more about each of them.

I'm certain a significant contributor to my itch to know more is the intense and energetic pixel art. Blades slash, blood splashes, and motion seems to be a constant. This style makes the narrative scenes hypnotizing and somehow exudes an aura of wholesome righteousness around the Bergsons. This family needs to live on. It needs to beat back the evil that has besieged it so that it can go forth and continue being awesome. If that isn't a good enough reason to hack some evil monsters to a bloody pulp... I don't know what is.


Bottom Line: If you enjoy a good hack 'n slash, you need to update your wishlist. The family dynamics and rich lore of Children of Morta are sure to add tasty icing to a delectable Roguelike cake you already knew you were going to eat.

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