The Pitch: A Gothic turn-based RPG with permadeath makes dungeon crawling insanity fun.

Current State: Early Access

Links: Homepage, Steam

If you are not one of the almost 10,000 people that back this game on Kickstarter then perhaps you haven't heard of this impressive turn-based RPG that shows dungeon crawling for the hellish nightmare it would really be. When you think about it, gamers have been sending adventurers into some pretty heavy shit for decades... and most of these guys just brush it off like sociopaths.

What really interests me about Darkest Dungeon is the way the insanity mechanic and permadeath make me feel more connected with the adventurers. Tycho over on Penny Arcade recently commented on how he felt the need to "hurt" his characters in order to better display who they really are. I found some of the same connections in my encounters with Darkest Dungeon heroes. They'd get hurt, see bad things and start to freak out, sometimes even cheat death once or twice - and before I knew it I was rooting for them. If they could just last a little longer... they'd be legends.

If you are thinking you've got to try out this troubled masterpiece the cool thing is - it's in Early Access right now! I've only had a few minutes with it so far, but as Early Access titles go I'd say it is a cut above in it's current state. A pretty deep roster of classes is already available, and there was way more depth than I could get into in the few minutes I had at SxSW to check it out.


Bottom Line: If you love forming relationships with the characters you create (and you don't mind them going through some serious suffering in the process), you've got to check out this amazing indie gem. Permadeath and insanity have never been so fun!

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